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#project365 #71

Not quite sure how we’ve got to the 71st day of the year, but here’s today’s picture:

The gym I go to has finally starting to update the machines. It’s a bit of an old school gym, lots of weights, lots of mirrors, and lots of machines that are slowly beginning to fall apart.

So it was quite a surprise when I discovered two new cross-trainers: touchscreens, internet connected and very swanky. I’m looking forward to some new treadmills, which are apparently, on the way.

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#project365 #62 Rutland Water Run

I’ve done lots of running at Rutland Water, but this morning was the first time I’ve actually run completely around it. 15 miles. It was a pretty miserable morning: grey and drizzly. In my head I was expecting it to have been nearer 17 miles, so after running for an hour or so in the rain it was nice to reach the car and head home.

Next time I’ll include the peninsula.