#juneathon Done.

To finish the month day 30 was a nice 5 mile run at the woods with the dog. Billy boy is getting on a bit now, he’s 12 years old, so therefore he struggles a bit when you get past 3 miles. Today was no different, I had to wait for the old git at times.

But we made it.

As for Juneathon itself…

Although I didn’t actually run every day of the month, I am definitely calling it a complete success. 

I ran 21/30 days.

I enjoyed the slightly more relaxed approach. 

Total Juneathon mileage = 108.5



#juneathon Day 28

Wasn’t really feeling it today. It was a day of marking, marking and marking. So when the bell went I was straight out and heading home. 

In the gym, on the treadmill and staring at the wall by 5pm…

3 steady miles. Done.

Total Juneathon mileage = 103.5