An amazing thing happened today….

Due to 'Speech Evening' at school yesterday evening I hadn't actually managed to fit in November's Challenge to create a daily piece of origami, so I sat down tonight, did some stretching exercises, and created two (it would indeed seem that I am turning into an origami master).

First up a vase (#15). A 'medium' difficulty piece with 29 steps…..

Looks good! AND very practical, can be used to sort various items: fluff, toenail clippings, marbles, fag butts, and other small pieces of crap.

After this first piece, confidence was sky high. So next came a dove (#16), another 'medium' difficulty piece with 32 steps…..

Again no issues, clearly pointing to the fact I AM an origami master. And then the amazing thing happened….the dove magically flew into the air and perched on the vase!!! I can hear the cries of disbelief, so it was lucky I managed to get photographic evidence…..



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