Every day’s a school day…..

They say that ‘every day’s a school day’ and today was exactly that. Forgetting that I am a teacher, and that every day IS in fact a school day, I have done TWO things I have never done before.


Earlier on tonight I ran around the woods in the dark for the first time ever. And let me just say now, despite being a machotough man, it was scary.

During the winter with the dark and cold nights, the walking of the dog becomes more and more of a chore. So a week or so ago I purchased a head torch with the idea that when I go running of an evening I would go round the woods and that way the dog can join me.

And so to tonight’s run……

It was really, really dark and really, really scary.

With the head torch on I could at least see where I was going, but the thing was it made the whole experience 100 times more scary. The shadows it casts freak you out, the trees become strange moving figures, the sounds in the woods zombies tracking you, the constant feeling of being watched and the whole ‘what is round the next corner’ makes for a rather strange experience. But having said all that, I actually quite enjoyed it! I even made a short video of the experience….

Origami Ghost

Another first for today is today’s origami attempt. To keep with the whole scary theme we’ve got going tonight, I have created a ghost….


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