Still going….origami #12

Despite the truck load of marking that I brought home with me tonight, November's Challenge is still going strong. I managed to create another masterpiece: a modular star.

Not particularly difficult, it just requires some time, a bit of patience and 6 pieces of paper all folded in the same way. Make them, put them together and with a bit of swearing luck it will form a star. At last, a piece of origami that actually looks better due to the 'special' origami paper I purchased. It reminds me of a Christmas decoration….

If you have 6 handy squares of paper and the time to have a go, then click here for the instructions. If not then you're probably just a 'normal' person and wouldn't think twice about wasting your time on something so pointless!

But given my new found love of the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, I found it 'magical'…..


….enough said.



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