Frostbite and a rabbit…..

Today it was race 2 in the Frostbite Friendly League hosted by Bushfield Runners. A 5-miler starting and finishing at Bushfield's Leisure Centre near Peterborough. When I left home at around 9.30am all seemed good. When I got to the race is was no longer 'all good'. It was absolutely pissing it down! Walked to race HQ in rain. Warmed up in the rain. Ran the race in the rain. Walked back to the car in the rain. I was wet through and just wanted to get home.

Finished in 145th place in a pretty decent time of 34.06, less than 7 min/mile pace, so couldn't moan too much. But a shower, a lovely bacon and egg baguette and cup of tea and I was sorted.

As for November's Challenge, the traditional art of Japanese paper folding, may I present a rabbit….

Now I understand it may look a tiny bit like a donkey or a dog, but I can assure you it is a rabbit, the app says so….

I can't quite understand how their rabbit is looking slightly more happy and proud than my slightly depressed looking rabbit. I think a visit to the art department tomorrow to steal borrow some coloured paper may be required.



One thought on “Frostbite and a rabbit…..”

  1. Seems like a very, very wet run….well done for getting to the end! I seem to have come to a standstill with the origami….tried the Lilly but gave up….maybe I’ll give the donkey, sorry, rabbit, a go….? Was it difficult?

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