Origami Day 2

After the success of the origami boat from yesterday, in which the students in my tutor group also had the pleasure of learning, today's paper folding creation was far more tricky. In fact, I may have increased the difficulty far too early on in the month. It involved a lot more concentration, some decidedly dodgy folds and an equally dodgy outcome. May I present a lily……

And just so you have something to compare it with, this is the picture from the website of the same lily created by a origami master.

I'd like to add a couple of points at this stage. Firstly, the pink paper has helped make the origami master's lily more lily looking. Secondly, the paper I'm using is not special paper, the website suggest 'origami paper', whatever that is. Anyway, click here to have a go yourself, but be warned, it is quite difficult. I don't think the tutor group will be having a go at this one!!!



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