Swimming #9

Deepings Leisure Centre was the destination for today's swimming trip. This is the second attempt to swim here, first time I got slightly confused about the opening hours. It was well worth the wait, this pool is a great place for a swim: local, clean and quiet.

In fact, today it was eerily quiet, at one point the swimmers in the pool were nearly outnumbered by lifeguards. We were slightly worried on arrival that it was closed as there were so few cars in the car park.

Admission is £3.95, and overall it is probably the best pool we have been to this month:

  • Very clean throughout.
  • Nice and local, only a 15 min drive.
  • Very quiet – great for swimming lengths (whether or not this is the norm I'm unsure).
  • Great water – eyes were slightly tender but I put this down to the Peterborough pool plus the amount of times we've been swimming lately.
  • Fantastic showers, hot and powerful. No need to cling to the pipe in an effort to get wet at this place.

As for the swimming, because it was quiet, we were able to do a lot of swimming and the time passed really quickly. Swimming continues to go well, my technique has improved no end since the start of the month. Marie, who I dragged with joined me again for today's session, has also seen a big improvement in her technique.

That makes nine swimming trips this month and three trips in the last three days, hence….

I think maybe a day off tomorrow.



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