Swimming #5

The fifth swim of August's Project, accompanied by Marie, finds us at Sleaford Swimming Pool, or should I say Sleaford Leisure Centre. My target was to swim front crawl better and faster, and you only have to read past posts to realise that I actually seem to be getting somewhere. Tonight I was hoping to improve further with the front crawl and start swimming lengths.

The first difficult part of the night was actually finding the pool. After doing a couple of laps of the one-way system the only sign we found pointing us to the pool was this one…

So we decided to park in one of the town car parks and walk. This wasn't all bad, we walked along the canal following the signs.

After 5 mins we found the pool, which was, funnily enough, just next to its own massive car park…not quite sure how we missed it…

Marie did say that it all looked rather 'grimmy', which ended up to be a fair comment. It's not the most modern facility, the changing rooms are very old looking, but it was perfect for what we wanted. The water was very clean and we had no stinging eye problems like the last place.

It was only £3.40 admission and for this you get a standard 25m pool. It wasn't very busy tonight, not sure if this is the norm, so we had a really good opportunity to get some some good swimming done without having to avoid kids, floats, babies, and various other obstacles.

On the swimming front, I feel that I'm actually getting somewhere. As advised, I've been trying to relax and keep the stroke strong and long, and I'm definitely getting better. I've changed my breathing pattern and can now manage to swim faster and further. I think Rio 2016 is now in my sights!!!!!



One thought on “Swimming #5”

  1. Sounds like August project is going swimmingly!! Glad you are enjoying it and are making progress. Keep up the good work! xx

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