Carrot Cupcakes

I must first admit to a big error: veering from my initial plan of only using recipes from 'celebrity' chefs.

Today's Carrot Cupcake recipe was taken from one of those dodgy 'Book Club' books that had been left in the staff room at school. May I just say at this point that I did not buy said book, I just stole the recipe. Big mistake.

After a run of reasonably successful baking a failure was always on the cards, although no one could have possibly guessed as to the size of the failure. Let me explain:

  • Carrot Cupcakes did not really taste of carrot.
  • Cakes did not really 'rise'.
  • The cake cases used were muffin cases, therefore making the cakes look even less 'risen'.
  • Icing was a disaster: did not set, in fact it would have worked well as a dipping side dish.

Final outcome was less than impressive, although they did taste ok, if you like carrot cakes that don't really taste of carrot…

And now for something completely different, and rather impressive considering she is only 8 months old, my niece, Grace, can do a fantastic Les Dawson impression…




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