Bakewell Tart

July's Project rolls on…

The initial plan was Individual iced Bakewell Tarts, although this soon changed to a 'Traditional' Bakewell Tart due to time restraints.

Today we give thanks to Simon Rimmer of 'Something for the Weekend' fame, today's celebrity chef, for his Bakewell Tart recipe. Although, in a Jamie Oliver 30min meal style, I did do a spot of cutting corners. Namely I got some ready made pastry, I am a man after all!

After a few dodgy moments, the Bakewell Tart emerged from the oven a complete success….

Including some very slapdash rustic looking individual tarts….

The Bakewell Tart is being donated to the school's Strawberry Tea afternoon in aid of Cancer Research.

For the full recipe click here.



One thought on “Bakewell Tart”

  1. That bake well tart looks gorgeous I’m sure it tasted just as gorgeous! Well done the bakeathon is certainly a success so far. xx

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