Chocolate Brownies

Today sees the beginning of July's Project. The challenge will be to bake at least 10 different things, beginning with Chocolate Brownies. Now to be sure everything I make comes out absolutely fantastic I will be using famous celebrity chef recipes only. That way I have someone to blame!

So today, with the help of Jamie Oliver, we have Chocolate Brownies.

This blog will not be giving you a list of ingredients or a method, you can get them online elsewhere, it will just show my attempts to produce some lovely munchies.

So we began with this…

After 15 min preparation plus 25 min in the oven the lovely aroma of Chocolate filled the house. And as Jamie Oliver would say….bloomin' brilliant brownies….

They taste absolutely bloody beautiful and will be eaten for pudding tonight, with a small selection taken to work tomorrow for breaktime. If you want the full recipe click here.

I have therefore decided the first leg of Bakeathon a complete success!


10 thoughts on “Chocolate Brownies”

  1. Oh, yum, these look delicious! You should check out the Bakerella blog for some sweet food inspiration, I think whatever she does looks so great!
    And, how about some S`mores for in between?

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