Juneathon Day 14


I have had an epiphany.

When completing Janathon, earlier on in the year, I made a point of running every single day of the month, even if I really didn’t want to. Whereas for Juneathon will be taking more of a relaxed approach. I know the rules are ‘run every day’, but I’ve decided I can do without the pressure of having to run everyday. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve not given up and I still hope to run as much as possible, but just don’t want it to take over.

So now would be a good time to explain exactly why I’ve come to that decision. I didn’t run yesterday, for a number of reasons:

  • I wanted a rest after Tuesday’s club training – where I worked hard.
  • I didn’t get out of school until late – I was on late busy duty and, due to the Queen’s visit, coach was late picking up kids.
  • Stressful night – phones calls to various people – attempted fraud on bank account.
  • Euro 2012.
  • Drama cooking the beef – needed longer in the oven!

So my new relaxed approach to Juneathon lead to a nice relaxing dog jog round the woods. I grabbed the ipod, whacked it on shuffle, and ran 5.53 miles in round about 45 mins. Sweet deals!

Total Juneathon mileage after day 14 = 48.57


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