Juneathon Day 7

I woke up this morning and unbelievably it wasn’t raining. So I got changed, grabbed the dogs, and headed for the woods. After working hard during Tuesday’s night training and last night’s 5k race I had already decided on a very gentle jog. What with all the rain lately I was ready for it to be a bit muddy and the woods are definitely looking green and lush.


We began very gently and managed to avoid the worst of the mud by sticking to the main path. After a few minutes we came across a family out walking their dogs. I did notice that one of the dogs had a ball in its mouth and ran past praying that Sam (the dog we are looking after) wouldn’t notice. He did. This meant I had to run back and attempt to persuade him to give me the ball. I was either not very persuasive or the dog is just plain stupid. Therefore I had to physically yank open his jaws and grab the drool covered ball, handing it back to its owner. At this stage in the slapstick incident Sam noticed that the other dog also had a ball. So we then went through the same process and finally were able to leave the family in peace.

So in an attempt to avoid the stress of meeting anyone else we headed for the tracks through the woods. All was going reasonably well, I had managed to avoid most of the mud and still had dry feet. We had passed some of the statues that were placed around, including some oversized mushrooms.

All was going well, that was until we came to a particularly muddy downhill section….

As I slowly started jogging down the hill, the lack of grip meant I began going faster and faster, meaning avoiding puddles became more of a problem, resulting in very wet and muddy feet by the time we reached the bottom. As the track continued we also had various obstacles, fallen and overhanging trees, to avoid.

This reminded me of a blog I read recently, Run For The Quiet, which mentioned the Tough Mudder. This got me thinking, I wonder if once we have completed the Zombie Evacuation the boys would be up to take on the Tough Mudder?

Distance today was 3.26 miles.

Total Juneathon mileage after day 7 = 27.95

Number of wet, muddy and cold feet = 2

Number of families annoyed = 1

Number of dogs nearly taken to the vet to be euthanised because they don’t listen = 1


5 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 7”

  1. I’m super excited about Tought Mudder, and the Zombie Escape thing looks AWESOME! I’d totally be there if it wasn’t the day before my marathon!

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