Juneathon Day 5

Tuesday night is club training night. So by the time 6.30pm came round, low and behold, it was chucking it down. I did contemplate not going, waiting for the rain to stop, and running later. But after walking around the house and moaning about the weather for 10 mins I bit the bullet and went to join the rest of the club assembling at the local school for some track training.

Tonight’s training was:

  • Warm up.
  • 6 laps at 10k pace.
  • 4 min recovery.
  • 6 laps at 5k pace.
  • Cool down.

It was a poor turn out tonight, which was unsurprising, considering the weather. In fact the ‘coach’ didn’t even bother showing up. He just sent a scrap of paper with the training schedule scribbled on.

Tonight’s mileage was 4.69 miles.

Total mileage after day 5 = 21.57


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