Juneathon Day 3

Last night we continued with the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations by attending the Bourne Festival – with every other person in Bourne – it was very busy. ‘The League of Mentalmen’ were on form – Madonna, Proclaimers, Steps (just no name a few) – all in a rock style! I was keeping Sam company (Amy’s fella) while she was at work. Yes you’re right – he is an actual real-life giant.

After Day 2 of the Bourne Festival the Sunday run, normally the home of the long run, was never going to break any records. With constant drizzle all morning, coupled with watching the pageant on TV, I decided to hang on until the rain stopped. Although by about 4ish the pageant was wearing a bit thin, once you’ve seen one boat you’ve seen them all. I’m sure the same thought was rattling around in the Queen’s head. So what looked like a slight break in the rain I pounced, got changed, and went for a run. However, as is normal in these circumstances, as soon I was about a mile into the run the rain got steadily heavier. I don’t particularly like running in the rain, today was no different, I decided to cut the run short and head home, by which time I was absolutely soaked and not happy:

Distance: 2.81mi
Time taken: 00:23:32
Average/Max Speed : 7.16/9.35 mph
Average/Min Pace : 00:08:23/00:06:24
Calories: 332

Total mileage after day 3 = 11.49

Music accompaniment = nothing (ipod and rain does not mix)

Number of times I cursed the rain = 15


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