Unencountered – Part 6

Twenty three days into May and this is only the sixth part of the story. Therefore we can probably say that May’s Project is slightly disappointed so far. I think we need a few parts in quick succession to catch up, although that’s easier said than done, another short part tonight me thinks. Anyway, here goes…..


Part 6

Three simple words. Three simple words that turned my already mixed up world upside down. My mind was in a mess and I was having trouble concentrating. The voices kept fading in and out. I was still unable to lift my eyelids, in fact I was unable to move at all. It was just the voices….

“I’ve just got a couple of questions detective, that I’d like answered before I start the autopsy.”

“Ok, fire away Doctor!”

“I understand that he was found on Turnpike Lane?” This question didn’t make sense. The last thing I remember was being in the alley opposite the pub. Turnpike Lane was on the other side of town.

“That’s right Doctor, we got a call from a member of the public saying that they had found a body laying in a ditch near the entrance of Turnpike House.”

“But I was told that the man was alive when the paramedics arrived at the scene?”

“Yes, you’re right. An ambulance was dispatched to the scene. The paramedics found a faint pulse, he was rushed here, but died in the ambulance.” I couldn’t quite comprehend that this conversation was about me. I tried to move again. Nothing. I tried to speak. Nothing.

My sense of hearing intensified, I could hear everything. The squeaky wheel of the trolley as it was pushed into the room. The clink of metal as equipment was collected and placed on the table. It felt so surreal.

“Well thanks for filling in the gaps detective, if you’ll excuse me I’ve got work to get on with.” Filling in the gaps!? Here I was listen to a doctor and detective discuss my death….that’s when I realised….when I realised what was about to happen….

[To be continued]



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