Operation Cutty Sark Day 6

Stage 9 of 19 is now complete. “You’re nearly halfway!” I hear you call. I know technically you would imagine that we are about halfway done, but having looked ahead in the instructions, you are wrong. Not only are there still 1000s of pieces to assemble (exaggeration I know), but it looks like I may actually need a PhD to complete this month’s project.

Problems occurred since last blog entry: stupidly small pieces, holes not big enough to fit pieces and badly moulded plastic pieces, to name but a few. Close-up of deck shows some very shoddy model building…

But I’m passed hoping it is going to be a work of art that will end up in Tate Modern or on the Fourth Plinth at Trafalgar Square. Although, having someone attempt to build The Cutty Sark whilst sat on the plinth could actually be quite entertaining, however it may not be for family viewing (I’ll drop Boris an email).

Stage 10 requires yet more small pieces to be added to deck before we look to assemble the masts and associated stuff. Not to forget loads more painting. This is how it looks at the moment…..I realise it looks much the same as a couple of days ago…..

I think I need a break from The #$@*$@* Cutty Sark!!!!



3 thoughts on “Operation Cutty Sark Day 6”

  1. So…this is what the Greenwich Museums site says about the relaunch of the Cutty Sark later this month….it could be referring to your airfix kit!

    “Cutty Sark relaunches on 26 April 2012, opening a new chapter in the extraordinary life of one of the world’s most famous ships. The last surviving tea clipper and the fastest and greatest of her time, she is a living testimony to the bygone, glorious days of sail and, most importantly, a monument to those that lost their lives in the merchant service.

    On completion, a new and immersive experience will allow you to venture both underneath and aboard this unique and beautiful three-masted sailing ship.”

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