Operation Cutty Sark Day 4

This isn’t going too well, it even prompted me to tweet…..


Stages 2, 3 and 4 were small assemblies that needed to be made and then added later in the build. Only problem was that they all required assembling half a dozen ridiculously small parts. The assembly of these small sub-assemblies require either two people with freakily small fingers; or two miniature sized people of the Tom Thumb variety. Together with the fact that the instructions aren’t exactly clear as to what you should be sticky where you can probably guess that the assembly of said sub-assemblies didn’t go too well. The pieces are so small that they seem easier to stick to your fingers than any other piece of the model. After lots of swearing, a broken scalpel and aching back, stages 2, 3 and 4 are complete……

So 4 days down, I have even begun painting the odd bit. That’s another thing, why do airfix make the model out of shiny plastic? It is impossible to paint. The look I’m going for is the ‘just been risen from the seabed’ look.

The facts: 4/19 complete, 26 days to go…….I think I’m doing alright……


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