Operation Cutty Sark Day 1

Well here we go, April’s Project is about to start….

Thanks to my sister, build a model of The Cutty Sark. Let’s just remind ourselves what we’re aiming for:

Day 1 started off reasonably well, emptied box without too many problems, laid out contents and began looking through instruction booklet. That is when I realised that ‘Operation Cutty Sark’ may not be as easy as I first thought. Firstly, there are loads of bits, over 200 separate parts. Secondly, although the instruction booklet breaks it down into 19 separate stages, each stage requires loads of parts to be painted and assembled.

Assembly began and parts 1-5 went well, hull was glued together, with the help of a couple of pegs. But then I had to glue the pointy thing at the front on, which had to go through a small hole. But because of some sort of design fault (and definitely not the way I had assembled it) this required a bit of strategic plastic trimming….

But I managed to sort it. Day 1 complete, a total of ten pieces assembled. So after 1 day I’m probably just about on schedule…..




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