We Are the In Crowd

The A-Z of New Music reaches the 23rd letter of the alphabet, W, and thanks to @samayres1992……….We Are the In Crowd.

It has taken us 23 days to get some punk but we’ve made it, even if it is American pop punk rock. We Are the In Crowd are from the same mould as Paramore, All Time Low or actually any other group coming out of the States at the moment. In fact, that’s probably the problem, there is just too much of the American rocky-pop-punky stuff around at the moment.The tracks that I’ve heard off their latest album, Best Intentions, are actually quite good, it’s just that I’m not a great fan of the genre, I find at all too similar. Although, I did find this acoustic version of ‘Never Be What You Want’ which is OK……

Overall, I can take them or leave them, which is not probably what you want from a band…..

Today’s blog is brought to you by the letter W….


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