Veronica Falls

Despite the stack of marking that is staring at me, I’ve managed to get round to blogging, this shows the power of the A-Z of New Music. Today, thanks to @davidmarples, we have V………Veronica Falls.

There is no guessing what genre we have tonight, it’s full-on indie, no messing around with various amalgamations of sub-genres. There debut self-titled album, Veronica Falls, is crammed pack full of rhythmic indie pop tunes with catchy melodies and cheerful harmonies. Take a listen to, ‘Veronica Falls’, ‘Misery’ and ‘Beachy Head’, they probably sum-up the album. Although, you could argue we’ve heard it all before. I’m not sure if they’ve done enough to win me over. You decide, new single, ‘My Heart Beats’ was released this week….

Veronica Falls, CD borderline….

Today’s blog was brought to you by the letter V……


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