My Latest Novel

The A-Z of New Music brings us to the letter M and, thanks to @kennypieper, some Scottish indie-rock………My Latest Novel.


My Latest Novel have been going for a few years and although I’ve heard them in the past I haven’t really sat and listened to them properly, I did just that this evening. After a listen for an hour or so I’ve come away undecided. I thought some tracks were great, ‘I Declare a Ceasefire’ and ‘Sister Sneaker Sister Soul’ are two such tracks. The rest I found are too overly serious and depressing for me, and at times the tracks all merged into one. If you are to listen to My Latest Novel, try their debut album, Wolves, over their latest, Deaths and Entrances.

My Latest Novel, really not sure at all…..

Today’s blog was brought to you by the letter M…..


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