Jay James Picton

The A-Z of New Music, thanks to @lilbee67, brings us to a white boy with soul…..Jay James Picton.

A quick search online and you’ll soon realise that Jay James Picton is touted as ‘the next big thing’, he may even be the male answer to Adele. With a voice that has many comparing him to the likes of Al Green and Otis Redding (although for our younger readers think John Legend and you won’t be far off). There are loads of tracks on soundcloud for you to listen to, from his rocky blues through to his soulful ballads. His debut album is due for release this summer, but in the mean time, try ‘Play it by Heart’, ‘The Boy That Wants To Fly’ or ‘Oh There She Goes’, all great tracks. If you like your music with soul, then Jay James Picton may well be worth a listen….

Jay James Picton, solid B grade….

Today’s blog was brought to you by the letter J…..


One thought on “Jay James Picton”

  1. I am so glad he got the thumbs up Phil. Jay actually reduced me to a quivering wreck (and not just because he is absolutely gorgeous!) when I saw him live at Bedgebury and he was supporting my all time favourite Simply Red. There aren’t many gigs you go to where the support have that much effect on you. Thank you for putting him out there!

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