Hooded Fang

The A-Z of New Music brings us to the 8th letter of the alphabet, H……..from Canada….Hooded Fang.

Yes, I know, it’s indie-pop again, although with a bit rock and a bit of roll thrown in. In fact you could easily mistake them for a band from the swinging sixties, the tunes off their latest album, Tosta Mista, has some unmistakable Beach Boys and Monkees going on. If you’re looking for a band creating original breakthrough tunes, Hooded Fang would not be your first stop – although you can’t help but tap your foot. A listen to ‘ESP’ may even have you hand jiving. A disappointment with Tosta Mista is the length, 10 tracks, of which 3 are instrumental. Indie fans might want to listen to their debut album, Hooded Fang Album, of which ‘Laughing’ and ‘Highway Steam’ are standout tracks.

Debut album gets a B, Tosta Mista a D. Overall, C/D borderline…..

Today’s blog was brought to you by the letter H…..


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