The A-Z of New Music brings us to the letter ‘D’, and at last, a move away from the twee indiepop as we enter the murky depths of folk. Today I present the mature, intellectual, acoustic sound of…..Duotone.

Work Harder & One Day You’ll Find Her, Duotone’s debut album, was my first stop, thanks to @ladymarples. I was instantly impressed with the album, a collection of 8 tracks (a tad short I know) featuring various stringed instruments (Barney Morse-Brown is the cellist for The Imagined Village) and inventive and intelligent lyrics – although some would say melancholic. On first play it reminded me a bit of Damien Rice ‘stuff’ – but more musical – the instruments, at times, overwhelm the lyrics (not sure if that is a good or bad thing). Favourite tracks off the album: ‘Golden Hair Saved My Life’,  ‘House of Keremma’ and ‘You Don’t Need Church’. The album is definitely a ‘grower’ – I think there’s a lot going on – definitely worth an extended visit. Perfect for the summer: sit in the garden, put the album on, open a bottle of wine and relax….

A new album, Ropes, is due for release towards the end of the March.

Duotone, overall grade B….well worth a listen…..

Just to reflect on the start of this month’s project…..four letters…four new good discoveries…..lovely jubbly!

Today’s blog was brought to you by the letter D….


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