Allo Darlin’

March’s project, with @davidmarples in mind, gets off to an indie pop feel – although I also like the idea they have been described as ‘twee poppers’….may I present……..Allo Darlin’….

A great start to March’s project!

Allo Darlin’ are a great little band, their self-titled album Allo Darlin’ (which I downloaded after listening to a few tracks on myspace) is packed full of fun little melodies, using ukuleles and tambourines, in a Noah and the Whale styley. ‘The Polaroid Song’ would have to be my favourite, closely followed by ‘Woody Allen’ and ‘My Heart is a Drummer’. Although some older ‘stuff’ is well worth a listen, ‘Henry Rollins Don’t Dance’ is a catchy little number.

I’ve now added them to my must see gig list. Take a look….

Allo Darlin’ overall grade A* – top of the class!

Today’s blog has been brought to you by the letter A……




2 thoughts on “Allo Darlin’”

  1. We just saw them last week! Tonight is last night of their 13 date tour. My tragic husband went to see them twice. Henry Rollins Don’t Dance also my fave. I’ll burn you a copy of the new CD. x

  2. Ooh …. I like! Will have to look out for more of their songs. You should check out Boy Mandeville for tomorrow. They’re a newish band in which my hubby’s cousin plays the guitar.

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