#janathon Day 31

Janthon Day 31 – 133+ miles

Well that’s it….it’s over! I have managed to run every single day of January! Woop woop!

Today’s run was a club training night:

  • Warm-up
  • 5 x 1km reps with 90sec recovery
  • Cool-down
Distance: 4.32mi
Time taken: 00:35:44
Average/Max Speed : 7.25/10.42 mph
Average/Min Pace : 00:08:17/00:05:45
Calories: 493
Total janathon mileage = 133.37 miles

Overall it has been a great month, legs are really looking forward to tomorrow’s REST DAY! Well done to all janathoners! It has been fantastic reading everyone’s blogs, and a big thank you to everyone who has bothered to read this blog (and comment).

Well done everyone who ran a #janathon letter (fab organisation by @timcnicholls) and a big thanks to @copy7t for the final runart collage (I ran the wiggly last ‘N’), click here for more details (including a few variations):

…..and a final jokeathon me thinks…

One man’s hobby was running, he spent all his weekends on the park trails, paying no attention to weather. One Sunday, early in the morning, he went to the park as usual. It was still dark, cold and raining, so he decided to return back to his house. He came in, went to his bedroom, undressed and laid near his wife. “What terrible weather today honey,” he said to her. “Yes,” she replied “but my idiot husband still went running!”

All together now…


8 thoughts on “#janathon Day 31”

  1. Well done – great mileage stats. It was great to be able to take part in #runart doesn’t it look great? I’ve enjoyed #jokeathon too – even though I haven’t contributed! Good luck with your running from now on – see you in June!

  2. Congratulations Phil, what a brilliant effort all round. Loved reading your blog posts and thanks for all the comments and encouragement over the month. Hope you’ll be back for #Juneathon (at least it will be warmer!). Good luck.

  3. Congratulations on completing your Janathon…you mad-ike! What…no blogging for February? It’s the 2nd already so yesterday must be the first day on which you haven’t blogged for about 13 months?! Come on…let’s hear all about the new challenge…! x

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