#janathon Day 27

Janathon Day 27….4 days to go

My calves were feeling a little bit tight at work this afternoon, not surprising since I’ve run for 26 days on the bounce. Therefore, tonight’s run would be a nice gentle one around the woods with the dog. Although after about a mile the legs had loosened up and I felt like running further, all that stopped me was the light. Running around Bourne Woods in the dark is a creepy experience and one I did not want to face tonight!

Thanks to twitter we have a plan to celebrate janathon – my input will be an ‘N’ – now to decide where….

Distance: 2.32mi
Time taken: 00:21:53
Average/Max Speed : 6.35/7.83 mph
Average/Min Pace : 00:09:27/00:07:39
Calories: 273

Total janathon mileage after day 27 = 108.63 miles

…..jokeathon…..I’m pleased to say you only have 4 more days of this left….

Me and the wife had an argument today because she gave me a cup of tea that was black, cloudy and had sparks flying out of it.

It was a storm in a tea cup.



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