#janathon Day 26

Janathon Day 26 – 100+ miles

Over 100 miles completed in the last 26 days!

Tonight’s run was ‘endurance training’ with the club. Which actually seems to mean just running a bit slower than you’re used to – the clubs ‘coach’ gave me a pace of around 8.45 per mile.  At this point in janathon that sounds like what I need (legs feeling very tired). To celebrate passing the 100 mile point, and taking the lead from @copy7t and @rencestar here is my attempt at some #runart:

‘Running Man’…..ok…..so it’s not the best piece of art ever created, and I know the arms are a tad short – but it was the best I could do – unless jumping over back gardens is allowed!

@timcnicholls has also had the fantastic idea of spelling out ‘#janathon’ in a #runart style – each person taking a separate letter – bagsy having an ‘N’!

So two sets of stats: runart and club training:

Distance: 2.51mi
Time taken: 00:21:05
Average/Max Speed : 7.14/9.42 mph
Average/Min Pace : 00:08:24/00:06:22
Calories: 297

Distance: 6.18mi
Time taken: 00:55:18
Average/Max Speed : 6.70/9.86 mph
Average/Min Pace : 00:08:57/00:06:05
Calories: 727

Total janathon mileage after day 26 = 106.31 miles


Q. Your riding a horse at full speed, a giraffe is beside you, an elephant in front of you and a lion behind you! What do you do???

A. You get your drunk ass off of the carousel !!


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