#janathon Day 25

Janathon Day 25 – 6 days to go…

Today’s run – after yesterday’s effort – was always going to be a nice gentle run. That it was! A gentle 3-miler around the estate opposite. Only one runner spotted tonight – he waved at me very enthusiastically – either I know him or he to is doing janathon and going slightly crazy!

Can I just repeat – only 6 days to go!

Today I’ve had a chance to catch-up on some janathon blog reading and I have to admit that @copy7t wins the best blog post of the day! I just love #runart – ‘Trafalgar Man’ is genius – #runart it even has its own dedicated website. I will be making every effort to create something over the next couple of days (I need to get planning).

Blogs are getting more and more mundane as we reach the end of the month – running out of things to say!

Keep on going everyone…not sure if I’ve mentioned it….only 6 days to go!

Distance: 3.19mi
Time taken: 00:28:03
Average/Max Speed : 6.82/8.32 mph
Average/Min Pace : 00:08:47/00:07:12
Calories: 375

Total janathon mileage after day 25 = 97.63 miles

….jokeathon (forgot on yesterday’s post)…..

“So I was getting into my car, and this bloke says to me ‘Can you give me a lift?’ I said “Sure, you look great, the world’s your oyster, go for it.”


4 thoughts on “#janathon Day 25”

  1. The end is in sight.. 😦 What are we going to do without our daily running and blog post fix? Thanks for the kind words in this post. #runart has definitely caught a few people’s imagination. I’m having a lot of fun planning each one, I hope you are too!

    Steve (copy7t).

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