Janathon Causes Madness

It has been reported that Janathon, the brainchild of @jogblog, has been causing strange behaviour across the country. Janathon participants have reportedly been starting to ‘lose their marbles’.

One such participant, @phillengthorn, was witnessed running in the rain. He was seen sitting in his car during a heavy storm. An onlooker said, “I thought he was waiting for the rain to ease, but after only a couple of minutes he exited the car and began running round the woods”.  The witness, who wants to remain anonymous, went on to say, “this man must be crazy – it was tipping down!” We have since spoken to @phillengthorn’s neighbours, Mr and Mrs Arguetoomuch who said, “we thought there was something strange about him….but didn’t realise it had got this bad – running everyday in January seems a crazy thing to do!” They went on to say, “he never runs in the rain – something is seriously wrong!”

Reports have been coming in from all over the country of janathon participants behaving abnormally and been seen running everyday since 1st January. Furthermore,  people have been heard saying, “it’s becoming a habit,” and “I’ll miss the routine of it” – clearly these people have lost all sense of reality and need help.

Janathon participants are required to jog, log and blog about their daily runs. This has lead to families being split apart by participants sitting in front of computers for hours on end to blog their latest adventures. Consequently, a new phenomenum began to sweep through the blogs….jokeathon, lyricathon, factathon…..there seems no end to the madness.  But, the last straw,  was the rumour of ‘Febathon’ that has prompted psychologists from all over the world to step in. They are advising friends and families of janathon participants to do anything in their power to stop the madness – hiding trainers has had the biggest effect.

A statement from the Police Countrywide Task Force stated, “Operation Janathon is well under way and arrests are imminent, we will not allow people to be brain-washed in this manner.” Latest reports suggest @jogblog has gone to ground.

Janathon Day 20

Distance: 3.24mi
Time taken: 00:28:34
Average/Max Speed : 6.81/8.67 mph
Average/Min Pace : 00:08:49/00:06:55
Calories: 382

Total janathon mileage after day 20 = 73.98 miles


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