#janathon Day 7

Janathon Day 7

I make that 1 week done!

Today’s run was a nice steady run round the woods with the dog – nearly 4 miles. I do quite enjoying running on the muddy tracks, although it must be very funny to watch . I did actually nearly stack it today – running down a muddy hill – it was only flaying arms and legs that stopped me landing in a ditch (I’m thinking Phoebe in ‘Friends’).

Long run planned for tomorrow – time will tell….

Distance: 3.89mi
Time taken: 00:33:17
Average/Max Speed : 7.01/11.22 mph
Average/Min Pace : 00:08:34/00:05:20
Calories: 462

Total mileage after day 7 = 24.29 miles

And why not….. #jokeathon….

Q: What do you get if you cross a vegetable with a 26 mile run?

A: A marrowthon.


3 thoughts on “#janathon Day 7”

  1. I run with the Spartans in Delamere Woods most weeks (although not done so for the last few due to work / Christmas). There is nothing like running off road! Hope you make your long run tomorrow.

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