#janathon Day 2

Janathon Day 2: Bourne Woods

It was a lovely bright morning, in fact I can’t remember the last time we had a lovely morning like today. With today being the last day of the school holidays a nice steady run around the woods with the dog sounded perfect. Tomorrow night is club training so I didn’t want to run too far this morning, I was planning on another 3-miler. The route took me up a hill (which is bigger than it looks)…..

…..and to the ponds, which this time last year were frozen solid…..

…..the lovely calm peaceful scene was soon to be destroyed…..

…..with Billy Boy taking the plunge.

Overall: a steady 3-miler; on a lovely morning; on day 2 of Janathon; and in 28mins (including some stops for pics). Sweet Deals!

Distance: 3.22mi
Time taken: 00:28:09
Average/Max Speed : 6.85/9.02 mph
Average/Min Pace : 00:08:45/00:06:39
Calories: 377


One thought on “#janathon Day 2”

  1. Looks like you really enjoyed the sunny weather as well today… This Winter has been so mild, it’s hard to believe those ponds being solid this time last year! Great 3 miles, hope all goes well for your run with the club tomorrow for Day 3.

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