Project365 #356 – Good Look!?

Today I patiently made a bobble to turn my old boring hat into a wondrous Christmas bobble hat. Although I’d imagine the bobble will actually fall off before the start of 2012!

The bobble probably took me longer than average to make, due to the fact that the last time I made one was 25 years ago. Also, if you look closely you’ll realise that it is more square than round.

As the spectre, that is end of project365, gets closer I have begun to think just how to celebrate the fact that I have posted a picture EVERY day of 2011…..


2 thoughts on “Project365 #356 – Good Look!?”

  1. Well done you. Just goes to show that you ever forget a skill once you’ve learnt it! To me it looks a beautiful bobble and it is unique to you. Defiantly not another bobble like that in the world!! And I must say the snow adds atmosphere!

  2. For next year, instead of doing “project365”, do a personalised version. Such as, a picture of yourself (profile) everyday. So that once completed, you can make it into a 30 second – 1 minute video of the year in a series of images. Could be fun to watch back.

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