Frank Hamilton @ Cambridge

Frank Hamilton @ ‘Man on the Moon’ in Cambridge

Last night I ventured to Cambridge for my first live experience of the fantastic Frank Hamilton. I was not disappointed.

I’ve been a fan of Frank’s work for a couple of years since I came across the track ‘You, Your Cat and Me’ via the internet. Since then I’ve downloaded various bits and pieces that Frank has released. Including his latest offering: a five-track EP – ‘Words and Nothing More’ (available on itunes).

Last night’s gig, at the ‘Man on the Moon’ in Cambridge was an intimate affair, and featured a collection of indie-folk tunes, showing off Frank’s musical abilities: guitar, keyboard, harmonica, even a bit of whistling! Frank Hamilton is a brilliant lyricist and manages to capture the innocence and naivety of a young man in his 20s growing-up. Together with beautiful melodies and his own unique ‘quirky’ voice – it makes for a great evening’s entertainment.

Frank’s set-list was a mix of old and new tunes, including a cover of the Smiths, and latest John Lewis TV advert, ‘Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want’. Complete with the revelation that his version was in the running to make it as the soundtrack, but rejected for a ‘girl and piano’ – shame on you John Lewis.

Highlight of the evening – ‘Waking up at 3’ – great tune!

Funniest part of the evening – as Frank began to play the intro to ‘You, Your Cat and Me’ a girl strode to the front and demanded he played a request – ‘You, Your Cat and Me’ – very funny! Frank handled it very well and didn’t embarrass her too much.

Overall a great night! And on top of all that he is a really nice, down to earth fella! Top bloke!


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