Day 5 Norfolk Tour

Last night was a spot of wild camping at Brandon Country Park. It went well for the following reasons:

  • The park is massive so it was easy to cycle to the far side and set up with no-one around.
  • Lovely mossy spongy ground – meant for a very comfy night.
  • It was a very quiet night – except for some animal’s loud growl that echoed through the forest for an hour at dusk – had a good night’s sleep.
  • Woke up at just after 7am, plenty of time to have coffee, pack up and head to the Parkrun start.
  • Brandon Country Park Parkrun is a great course: 2 laps through the forest. Took it pretty steady considering I had a big ride ahead of me.
  • After Parkrun I headed to the cafe for a bit of a chat with some of the volunteers and breakfast.
  • Today was always going to be a tough ride, it was a long ride home even without any dramas. But throw in the head wind that I had to battle (again) and it was doubly tough.
  • Took a few pictures, but really toward was all about pedalling and going forward.
  • I did stop at a pub for a lovely burger and beer to refuel.
  • Also at one stage the cycle route took me down a dodgy looking trail, fine when you’re on a bike without all the gear. This was a struggle.
  • Finally made it home. It was a great trip: 295 miles in all. I’ve learnt so much about cycle touring (but I’ll save that for another day).
  • Cushty.
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    Day 4 Norfolk Tour

    Had a more relaxing start to the day today, well I had just had a good night’s kip in a bed, followed by sitting on a sofa and eating cereal. I’m very happy my brother-in-law lives in Norfolk.

    So I wasn’t on the road until gone 9am. The plan today was to head to Norwich for a little look – I’ve never been Norwich before – actually wasn’t that much to see. Didn’t hang about for long.

    Coming out of Norwich and I was back on a lovely cycle route out of town. In fact, I got all the way to Wymondham on it. The only issue today was the head wind, it was bloody hard work, you don’t seem to get any rest, it’s just constant pedalling.

    The head wind didn’t let up, I was battling it all the way to Thetford. The A11 goes from Norwich to Thetford, but it is a stupidly fast busy road so I stuck to the country lanes. Which is great, except it took so much longer because I had to keep stopping to check the map on the phone that I was still heading in the right direction.

    Came across the usual lovely looking churches in the middle of nowhere.

    Finally made it to Thetford. Tonight’s plan was always going to be a spot of wild camping in Thetford Forest. Then up for Parkrun in the morning. There are two Parkruns in Thetford, so as I had a bit of time spare before finding a spot to camp (you have to wait for the right moment) I carried on through Thetford to Brandon. They have a Parkrun at Brandon Country Park, just on the edge of the Thetford Forest.

    Found a lovely spot.

    It was 55 hard miles in total today. That leaves me 60 odd miles to get back home. So that’s the plan: Parkrun in the morning and then on the road by 10am to go home. Very much looking forward to kipping in my own bed!