Getting ever closer… #run1000miles

It’s been another good week:

I’m getting ever closer to the magic 1000 miles. After this morning’s cheeky 3 mile run at the woods with the dog I have reached 919 miles.

Just 81 miles to go.

Which works out at 2.1 miles per day, or 16.1 miles per week. If I carry on as I am, I will indeed be able to have Christmas week off! That’s the plan.

As I was scrolling though my Strava profile to find the total mileage, I came across this wonderful little stat: my total elevation gain so far has been 28,415 feet.

Now, I live in South Lincolnshire. It’s not known for its hills, in fact the biggest hill I probably ever have to climb is the new disabled access ramp they have put outside the bank. So I’m not particularly surprised that it’s relatively low compared to hardcore trail runners. But what I did find interesting is that Mount Everest stands at 29,029 feet, I’ve only got to add another 600 odd feet of elevation to have conquered Everest! Challenge accepted.


107 miles to go… #run1000miles

Halfway through November and I’m finally feeling pretty confident that I can indeed run 1000 miles in 2017 – although having now said that I’ll probably fall over and break my leg tomorrow!

I’ve managed a few higher mileage weeks through October and November in a bid to make up some miles that I lost through the summer, when I was transitioning to a more barefoot running style. This week has been another good week:

A 9-miler on Monday, followed by a load of 4ish runs, on the road, at the woods and at the gym on the treadmill. Most of my runs, except on the treadmill, are run in the Vibram Fivefingers. I’ve even been wearing Injinji socks recently. It’s all about the toes!

So, 893 miles done, leaving 107 left to be run in the next 42 days: averaging 2.54 miles per day. If I can keep up the good weekly mileage I might even be able to give myself Christmas week off!