Longest #fivefinger run to date….

Sleaford Summer 10k.

I’ve been wearing the Fivefingers now for 5 weeks or so. In fact, I’ve got to the point now that when I go running I always run in them. 

The Sleaford 10k last Friday was my first actual race in them, and also the longest run to date. I was slightly concerned about running in them considering the blister I got when I was running on the treadmill at the gym, but I pushed that to the back of mind and had a go. 

I shouldn’t have been worried.

The whole blister shenanigans must have been something to do with the treadmill because the race went without any incident. I’m at the stage now that when I run in them I don’t really think about it too much, I no longer have to worry about form and foot landing, I just relax and run. 

As for the race, it is promoted as the Sleaford ‘Summer’ 10k – it was not Summer on Friday. It started raining about halfway into the race and didn’t stop all evening. 

Although on a plus point you are supplied with plenty of cake and coffee at the end. 

I finished in 53mins – which was pretty much the plan – roughly 9min/mile pace. Didn’t want to go crazy fast. So all is good in the Fivefinger transition world. 

Almost forgot…my reward was a rather fetching piece of bling…

Great event, run by a local running club, Sleaford Striders. Definitely worth adding to the running calendar. 

#fivefingers transition update…

My first run in the Vibram Fivefingers was 5th July – just over a month ago. Since then I’ve been slowly and steadily increasing speed and mileage. 

Today I headed to the gym for a run on the treadmill, in fact my first treadmill run in the Fivefingers. On top of the first treadmill run, it was the longest to date: 5.4 miles. 

Struggled a bit this afternoon, I was expecting the barefoot running on the treadmill to feel quite good, it didn’t. My feet felt a bit uncomfortable, the lovely soft bouncy surface I was expecting was quite hard. It felt worse than running on the pavement. Also, came away with a bit of a blister on the bottom of my big toe! What’s that all about? 

It’s the Sleaford 10k on Friday night and I was planning to run in the Fivefingers – that might need a rethink.