I am a survivor….

Survival of the Fittest. Done.

It was a great event, well organised and well worth doing. Would you like a list of highlights?

  • Monkey bars are not my strong point – but I did manage the first lot without falling off.
  • Water slide – fully immersed in very manky water – followed by a bit of swimming – very cold.
  • The weeks of basketball at school paid off when you were required to shoot a basket before carrying on – did it first time.
  • Saved a woman's life* when she got her ponytail caught when going under a cargo net.
  • Running up and down the aisles at The City Ground was a nice touch.
  • Even managed the final 'Wall of Fame' without any help.


Goody bag had an interesting collection of 'goodies':

Yes you're right….that is Durex Embrace Pleasure Gels!?!?

Now to try to talk some people into the Mizuno Endure24…..

* this is a slight exaggeration


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I’m back!

It has been 102 days since my last blog; that was to celebrate the completion of Juneathon.

It is another running event that has forced me back in the blogosphere.

Survival of the Fittest in Nottingham is a 10k obstacle course that runs through the heart of the city, including a dunking in the river, lots of mud, plenty of climbing and even a 'tour' of the Forest football ground.

After umming and ahhing for a couple of months I finally got round to signing up. So tomorrow I will be heading to Nottingham to join the 1000s attempting to complete the course.

Keep an eye out for me: Wave 10, 12.15pm start.

Bring it on!


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