My Mum had a clear out (Part 3)

Yes, you're right! I have managed to drag out yet another blog post all about some 'stuff' my Mum had given me. We began with some Charlton related bits and pieces, then moved on to some primary school reports, and yes, you've guessed it, we now have my secondary school reports.

My secondary school education was in the early 80s, lots of things have changed. Not least fashion. No longer are you forced to wear leg warmers and walk about in big trousers saying 'you can't touch this!' – or was that just my old school? I think the first thing to say is that there are no predicted grades, just an effort grade, an attainment grade and a postion in class…

Bring back class positions...

Year 7….Form 1N….1982….

My form tutor was Mrs Warren, I vaguely remember her. She was a 'home economics' teacher and always wore a white tabard. I seemed to work pretty well, “…worked hard….worked well….satisfactory….works with interest..” Although I had a few issues when it came to exams, “…examination was disappointing…result lower than expected…does not do himself justice in examinations…”

Year 8….Form 2R…1983…

My form tutor this year was Mr Richards, Art teacher. After a disappointing first year in secondary school I think I began to get the hang of it, although still a bit up and down: “…shown improvement…improved this year…begun to do some work…relaxed his efforts of late…” Mr Richard's comment sort of summed the year up….

Think what he could achieve with greater effort!

Year 9…Form 3R…1984…

A few selected comments…

  • English – “could work harder…needs to set himself a higher standard”
  • Biology – “does not take his work seriously”
  • French – “satisfactory but unremarkable”
  • Physics – “casual approach to learning”

I'm hoping having picked options at the end of this year my reports will improve.

Year 10…Form 4P…1985…

I think the teachers have been a bit harsh….

“Philip needs to make greater effort”

“He would do better if he put more effort in”

“Philip has a lot of hard work to do to improve his standard from this unacceptably low level”

“Room for improvement”

This end of year report had As and Bs for effort and As and Bs for attainment. So slightly disappointed to have so many negative comments. Final year coming up, it's not too late to turn it around!

Year 11…Form 5P…1986…

I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that things didn't get any better. My Chemistry teacher summed it all up pretty well:

“Philip's apathetic attitude has produced predictable results”

I left school with 9 O Levels: 4 As and 5 Bs. But it probably could have been so much better….


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My Mum had a clear out (Part 2)

It is finally here. No longer will you have to sit huddled in front of the screen eagerly clicking refresh. No longer will you have to stare at your Twitter timeline hoping for the update. No longer will you have sleepless nights. After the first episode just a few days ago, Part 2 of 'My Mum had a clear out' is here…

Just to recap my Mum gave me a load of stuff that she had collected over the years. There was a lot more but Mum had done a cull of items over the last couple of years. What we have left is a collection of 'stuff' that makes for interesting reading: school reports, school projects, old certificates, drawings and various other bits and pieces.

Being a teacher I was looking forward to seeing my old school reports. I've written a fair few about various 'little darlings' I have taught so was interested in what my teachers said about me. Below is just a flavour of what a 'fabulous' pupil I was.

First year primary school…class 1L….July 1978…..I think it works out year 3….

“Philip is making good progresscommunicates well….his written work is beautifully presented….interesting and imaginative….tries hard.” The phrase, “written work is beautifully presented” made me smile because my handwriting is pretty atrocious. But my favourite part has to be this….

...enjoys learning new things...

Second year primary…class 2TW…July 1979….year 4…

“Philip is a very competent reader….methodical….natural aptitude…good positive attitude to school…very helpful in the class.” It all seems to be going very well so far.

Third year primary…class 6W…July 1980….year 5…

“Philip has made progress but not as much as I had hoped for….lack of concentration…easily distracted and readily talks for the remainder of the lesson…lacks imagination.” I think this teacher may have got me confused with someone else! Although I particularly like the following phrase…. wouldn't hurt to use a few adjectives...

Final year in primary…class 8B…July 1981….year 6….

Class 8B, Mrs Bickers, she is the only teacher I remember from primary school and from what I actually remember she was nice, so expecting a good report. “Philip has continued to make progress…his written work has maturedspeaks wellpleasant responsible boy….I have enjoyed teaching him.” Glad to see I finished my primary education on a high. Although it is interesting that the head made a comment on the report, “He is still rather shy and quiet, I hope he will grow in confidence next year.”

What is also interesting is that there is not a level or grade in sight in any of the primary school reports. But as enter the world of secondary education that is all about to change. And in a cliffhanger style you will have to wait for the next part of 'My Mum had a clear out'…..



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